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What to know about Spay & Neuter

One of the best reasons to schedule pet spay and neuter services for your pets is to help control the pet population and reduce the need for euthanasia of unwanted pets. There are also medical and behavioral benefits to spaying and neutering your animals. Besides preventing unwanted pets, studies show that spayed and neutered pets live longer, healthier lives. Spaying removes a female animal's ovaries and uterus. This helps eliminate many reproductive-related complications and eliminates the hassle of pet menstruation. Neutering removes a male animal’s testicles. This helps regulate hormonal surges that can cause hyper-activity, irritability and aggression. By neutering your male pet you can improve his mood, behavior, and his interactions with people and other animals.

Our Complete Spay or Neuter Package

Our Surgery Package includes pre-surgical blood panel, IV catheter & fluids, Anesthesia with laser surgery procedure, Antibiotic injection & pain control injection, e-collar and pain meds to go home. ECG screening and Microchipping are available at the time of surgery. We take all precautions when putting your pet under anesthesia.  

Laser Surgery for Dogs

Laser surgery is a procedure that generates a beam of light energy at a specific wavelength, resulting in the cutting of tissues. There are major advantages of laser surgery when compared to traditional stainless steel surgical scalpels, which are minimal pain, decreased bleeding, improved tissue healing, and decreased inflammation. Laser surgery offers your veterinarian greater precision and can reduce the length of the surgery.

Things to know

We require up to date vaccines and a current exam with our hospital in order to move forward with scheduling a surgery appointment, the exam can be done same day of surgery. We do bloodwork and offer ECG screening to ensure your pet is a good candidate for anesthesia. You will be required to drop off your pet in the morning between 8-9am and pick up between 4-6pm. Your pet will need to be fasted since they will be going under anesthesia. We will call you the day before to confirm your appointment and let you know to hold food and water after midnight the night before. We do require a deposit or a card on file at the time of drop off. Please give us a call for pricing, soonest availability and any additional questions you may have, we look forward to meeting your fur baby!



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  • "We had a great experience at Animal Medical Center. It is easy to schedule appointments and the vet is very thorough. My dog ended up needing surgery and they were able to get her in quickly. They took good care of her, and really seemed to have genuine concern. They did not charge us for a re-check of the incision, and I felt their prices were fair. We moved to this vet because our previous vet was too expensive. All of the staff were helpful and professional."
  • "Great staff and fantastic doctors."
    Lisa Cheng
  • "We visited Animal Medical Center in Mission Viejo in an emergency and they exceeded our expectations. The staff was very understanding and accommodating. We were seen that afternoon quickly and by qualified and friendly technicians and a knowledgeable veterinarian. Dr. Richard was honest, explained our options and helped us navigate an optimal care plan. Our dog, who we feared had a stroke, ended up instead with a severe ear infection that is healing and improving. We fear what costs we might have endured at other facilities that may not have diagnosed her correctly. Thank you for the exceptional care and service."
  • "Always very thorough to find the source of the problem and offer solutions. They are able to provide appointments quickly when necessary. Their team seems very caring and I’m always comfortable leaving our dogs and cats in their care. We continue to be their patients for many years."
  • "We relocated from Ohio and needed a vet for our dogs. We really like the staff. The prices are affordable too."