Puppy & Kitten Plans
Our puppy & kitten plans include a complete physical exam and all the series of shots and dewormings needed in the 1st year of life.

Spay-Neuter Plans
Our spay neuter packages provide you with options to get your pets fixed in a safe and sterile way.

Laser Surgery & Cold Laser
We offer laser surgery option for all our surgeries along with cold laser treatment after surgery. It provides the benefit of less pain, inflammation & quick healing.

Dental Cleanings
We offer anesthetic and non-anesthetic dentals. Depending if your pet may be a good candidate and the amount of dental tartar, we can guide you in the right direction of what would be the most beneficial choice.

Pet Microchip ID Implant
We offer Homeagain Microchip Implant at time of surgery or vaccinations

Senior Pet Care
Our senior packages are geared towards our senior patients needs that provide complete check up of the working of their internal organs and cancer screening.

Arthritis Care
We offer arthritis screening and treatment options for prevention and management of arthritis pain, thus increasing the quality of senior years.

Online Pharmacy
We offer online pharmacy integration so that you can order your pet's medications and diets without leaving your house.


Skin and Ear diseases
Allergy Testing & Treatment
Vomiting & Diarrhea Cases
Liver & Kidney Check up
Diet Recommendations
In-stock Prescription Diets
Diabetes Management
Cushing Disease Screening

General & Specilaized Surgery
Skin tags/mass/lump biopsy
Cryosurgery to freeze skin tags
Stomach/intestinal obstruction
Cherry eye surgery
Eye lid tumor removal
Urinary Bladder stone removal
Various types of cancer removal
Gastropexy to prevent Bloat
Abdominal Surgery
Hernia repair for inguinal, perineal or umbilical hernias

Orthopedic Surgery
Bone fracture repair
ACL surgery like TPLO, TTA
Bone cancer surgery
Hip luxation repair FHO
Patellar luxation repair

Bull dog/brachycephalic Breed Specific Surgery
Elongated soft palate
Stenotic nares correction

We accept emergencies and urgent care cases. Please call us on your way so that our staff and Drs' can prepare for your arrival.
Some of the common emergencies we see are
Chocolate Ingestion
Rat Poison Ingestion
Grapes/Resins Ingestion
Household Painkillers like Tylenol Ingestion
Ant Bait or Fly Bait Ingestion
Marijuana/Cocaine or other Recreational Drug Toxicity


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  • "We had a great experience at Animal Medical Center. It is easy to schedule appointments and the vet is very thorough. My dog ended up needing surgery and they were able to get her in quickly. They took good care of her, and really seemed to have genuine concern. They did not charge us for a re-check of the incision, and I felt their prices were fair. We moved to this vet because our previous vet was too expensive. All of the staff were helpful and professional."
  • "Great staff and fantastic doctors."
    Lisa Cheng
  • "We visited Animal Medical Center in Mission Viejo in an emergency and they exceeded our expectations. The staff was very understanding and accommodating. We were seen that afternoon quickly and by qualified and friendly technicians and a knowledgeable veterinarian. Dr. Richard was honest, explained our options and helped us navigate an optimal care plan. Our dog, who we feared had a stroke, ended up instead with a severe ear infection that is healing and improving. We fear what costs we might have endured at other facilities that may not have diagnosed her correctly. Thank you for the exceptional care and service."
  • "Always very thorough to find the source of the problem and offer solutions. They are able to provide appointments quickly when necessary. Their team seems very caring and I’m always comfortable leaving our dogs and cats in their care. We continue to be their patients for many years."
  • "We relocated from Ohio and needed a vet for our dogs. We really like the staff. The prices are affordable too."